st georges hall concert room


PH: as i write this, the concert room is being renovated and prepared for its public again, but when we were in it, it hadn't been used for thirty years. We had to run over 50m of electrical extensions thru, because the leccy had been disconnected years ago, which was kind of weird, as there was Victorian statuary all around. There was also a grand piano, so we weighted down the sustain pedal and played into the open lid.

CK: And then the extraordinary small theatre upstairs, out of use for decades. Dusty velvet boxes (does my memory deceive me?), light fromskylights, carvings, plaster statuettes...a piano lopsided on the small stage. The main hall gave the impression of insisting that one take its past into account, but this room seemed almost haunted. I remember getting to it up stats and through long dim wood-and-glass-lined corridors, some with floorboards missing...